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ASKO DAO is a parameterized DAO that governs the xASKO token. The DAO’s goal is to vote to build proposed products that maximize profits for xASKO token holders. xASKO is a token on xDai’s network, where transactions happen in seconds, virtually feelessly. xASKO is minted by bridging ASKO to…

Hello Askobarians,

We’re happy to announce we have some new team members at Asko!

@kingShill123, Solidity Developer, has a hugely important role. He’s been brought onto the Asko team to assist @joefilmo and Dorg in developing Asko Dapps. So far, they’ve been very successful as a team, and Askolend is…

dOrg Summary of AskoLend

Both lenders and borrowers share the same flow, but not all lenders will be borrowers.

The UI has two main sections: Supply and Borrow

A user supplies their tokens into AskoHighRisk or AskoLowRisk pools (AHR and ALR pools respectively) by selecting the desired pool on the…

Good day Askobarians!

Another month for us and sharing our August Milestone! We will continue the development and deliver everything as we are near in having our Askolend! WE ARE ASKOBAR!

  • 3rd Buyback was initiated and was used for development/listing.
  • API was built for Circulating Supply and Marketcap update in…

🔷 Askobar Network AMA Recap🔷

Crypto-Bharat organized AMA successfully with Askobar Network team on 4th of August, 2020 in our telegram community group .

Thank you to Joe Filmo for answering all the questions & for choosing Crypto Bharat for AMA. …

Good Day Askobarians!

We would like to share with you our accomplishments/Milestone for the month of July. This is not the end but this is just the start for us and more to come! Many things happened for last month and surely there would be a lot this month. Stay…

Good day, Askobarians. It’s been a while since we write an update. Things are going well recently with this project. We also finally landed on CoinMarketCap and other similar price watch websites. Now it’s time to get serious and head to the development of the platform.

So what’s next?

As you may have…

We are delighted to present our roadmap for our Askobar Network. It contains 3 phases and it will be added to our websiteV2. Feel free to check our roadmap, and we will assure you that we will deliver results as we move forward.

Note: ETA update for websiteV2 in 24hrs

Buyback and burned features activated

💰768069.68809216 ASKO for 15 ETH ($3584.55) on 🦄 Uniswap

Burn transaction here:

We are pleased to announce that our website is up and running. We will start our presale in 24 hours and within the given timeframe you will have to join our discord channel and add your address on our #whitelisting-presale. Thank you!

Discord Channel:

You can check here:

-Next are AskoStaking tests!

-After AskoStaking tests are done, next writing the following SC: AskoBuyback, AskoPresale, and AskoDevfund.

-After those SC are written and tested, the next step is web dapp for AskoPresale and Presale launch.

Stay tuned!

Come and join us!



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